Kinderkraft I-CARE i-Size 40-87 cm Car Seat - Cool Grey

Introducing the 40-87 cm RWF I-CARE i-Size car seat, compatible with the  R129 i-Size standard. This mobile seat was designed for newborns up to 15 months old and offers unrivaled comfort and, most importantly safety.

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Introducing the 40-87 cm RWF I-CARE i-Size car seat, compatible with the  R129 i-Size standard. This mobile seat was designed for newborns up to 15 months old and offers unrivaled comfort and, most importantly safety. It has been subjected to more rigorous testing than the i-Size standard and features special safety systems such as the H-GUARD and SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM.

The Rear Way Facing (RWF) I-CARE i-Size car seat is equipped with a 5-point safety harness instead of Y-model seat belts. This guarantees the safety of your baby during every trip. This car seat offers mobility whenever and wherever you need it: it features ergonomic handle, it can be converted into the TRAVEL SYSTEM quickly and easily, and has an adjustable top that protects the baby from the elements.

  • Base sold separately
  • Composition:
    Shell: EPS, memory foam
    Upholstery: Polyester
    Top: flexible polyester
    ISOFIX base: plastic
  • The highest level of safety
    The RWF I-CARE i-Size car seat has been tested under stricter conditions than required by the i-Size standard. The current standard requires tests at a speeds of up to 50 km / h- our tests were conducted at speeds of up to 64 km/h, which allowed us to assess the effectiveness of the car seat even more accurately. The results of these tests proved without a shadow of a doubt that the I-CARE i-Size ensures high levels of safety.
  • The safety systems
    The dedicated safety systems in the I-CARE i-Size car seat make every journey even safer. The H-GUARD SYSTEM, a three-layer headrest with memory foam, effectively protects the child's head and neck during side collisions. In turn, the SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM, i.e. reinforced side shields, is responsible for protecting the shoulder girdle, spine, and hips of the child. The car seat's design disperses and absorbs side collision forces, protecting the child from harm and injury.
  • For even more safety
    The 5-point safety harness is a solution which increases the safety of babies traveling in the car seat. The harness effectively disperses the forces of a collision through as many as 5 points strategically placed on the child's body.
  • Quick and easy installation
    CARE FX installation is simple and quick. Simply plug the seat into the base that is already in the car. A firm click will confirm that the connection is secure. In addition, the base has installation indicators at the ISOFIX connectors and the stabilizing leg. It is also possible to mount the car seat on a 3-point car seat belt: the car seat has guides that make it easy to fasten the belt correctly.
    BASE-FREE VERSION: simple and hassle-free car seat installation-simply plug the I-CARE i-Size into the base already installed in the car*. The car seat can optionally be mounted on a 3-point car seat belt; simple guide rails eliminate the risk of incorrect car seat installation.
  • Perfect fit for every child
    The I-CARE i-Size car seat features the EASY GROW SYSTEM, which allows it to adapt to the child. By adjusting the seat belts and headrest you can ensure perfect fit of the seat as the baby grows. The headrest has a 4-step adjustment system.
  • Modular insert for small children
    The I-CARE i-Size is a child seat that is deep and wide to accommodate all body types. It has a removable, modular insert that can be up to 75 cm high. It will snuggly sit smaller children and also reduce the space between the toddler's body and the car seat, which results in improved protection. Memory foam is used in the Insert's headrest to protect the baby's head and provide additional comfort during use.
  • Travel since birth
    The adjustable top of the I-CARE i-Size car seat shields the baby from the sun, wind, and rain. It is not necessary to attach it to the handle. The seat also has a ventilated shell and removable and easy-to-clean upholstery that is lightweight and pleasant to the touch. I-CARE i-Size ensures unrivalled comfort during each journey, no matter how long it lasts!
  • Mobility and freedom
    Traveling with a large pram can be difficult for a parent. That's why with the I-CARE i-Size you can create a convenient travel system. The TRAVEL SYSTEM allows the seat to be attached to a stroller with special adapters. The car seat also has an ergonomic handle that can be adjusted in several positions allowing you to transport the car seat with the baby inside comfortably.
  • Dimensions:
    Size: 56 x 44 x 66 cm
    Seat (without insert): depth 20 cm, Width 29 cm
    Backrest (without insert): width 29 cm, height to the edge of the headrest: 43.5 cm
    Weight: 4.2 kg
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