Help your little one off to sleep with the night lights and baby projectors at Baby Planet. Our cute plug-in night lights and musical star projectors create the perfect dreamy environment for your baby so they can have a peaceful sleep every night.

The warm, soothing glow of a baby night light will create the perfect sleep environment for your little dreamer, helping to provide comfort during the night. Available in a range of cute animal designs, these night lights are perfect for children of all ages. Our cordless options can also be used almost anywhere, making them ideal for travelling. Simply charge it using the USB cord before you go.

For an extra sense of dreaminess, our baby light projectors will project soothing starry patterns onto your baby's nursery wall and ceiling. Many of our options are also musical and will play soothing lullabies or unique hushing sounds to encourage your baby to drift off into a peaceful sleep. 

To create the ultimate sleep environment for your child, make sure you take a look at our musical mobiles and soft toys, which will help calm your little one at bed time. 

A peaceful night's rest starts at their bed, too, so check out our range of cots and cot beds for high-quality nursery furniture that will keep them comfy and cosy while they sleep.

Spend £50 or more and you'll qualify for free UK delivery, so shop the collection of nursery projectors and night lights for kids here at Baby Planet today.

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