Kinderkraft I-BOOST i-SIZE Booster Car Seat - GREY

I-BOOST I-SIZE is a booster car seat designed for children who have grown out of a car seat but aren’t yet 150 cm tall.

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I-BOOST I-SIZE is a booster car seat designed for children who have grown out of a car seat but aren’t yet 150 cm tall. It can be perfectly tailored to your youngster's height in a range of 135–150 cm, ensuring that the car seat belt runs exactly where it should – across the middle of the shoulder and chest. The car seat belt fitting optimally around your child’s body minimises the risk of injury in the event of unexpected incidents on the road. Thanks to I-BOOST I-SIZE, you can be sure that your youngster travels safely and comfortably. Importantly, the I-BOOST I-SIZE booster car seat has been tested under the latest R129 i-Size standard, meaning it has passed stringent testing.

I-BOOST I-SIZE is a lightweight booster car seat (it weighs just 2.5 kg) – it’s easy to carry from car to car, and it is also installed using ISOFIX, increasing the booster car seat's stability and safety when travelling. However, you can also use it in older cars without ISOFIX.

  • Ergonomic
    The I-BOOST I-SIZE cushion has comfortable armrests that ensure comfort for your child even on longer trips. The booster car seat itself allows the little passenger to adopt a comfortable, ergonomic position when traveling. 
  • Comfort
    The I-BOOST I-SIZE cushion is wide and large, meaning it’s comfortable even for older children. It also features an additional layer of soft memory foam in the seat, ensuring comfortable trips. Its pleasant-to-the-touch, removable, machine-washable cover makes it easier to keep the cushion clean, guaranteeing freshness throughout the entire period of use.
  • Easy to use
    The I-BOOST I-SIZE booster car seat can easily be installed in your car using ISOFIX and the car’s three-point seat belt, or just the seat belt. It’s lightweight, meaning your child can carry it from one car to another on their own if needed. The cushion is available in several colors – you can tailor it to your car’s interior.
  • Tested
    I-BOOST I-SIZE is a cushion that can be used in any car. The booster car seat stands out from the competition thanks to the crash tests it has passed, proving its compliance with the rigorous requirements of the R129 i-Size standard. It’s versatile because it can be installed in all types of vehicles. Thanks to the ISOFIX installation option, the cushion ensures additional stability, while its design also enables easy use in cars without the ISOFIX system. This makes I-BOOST I-SIZE a safe and flexible solution that’s ideal for different car models.
  • Dimensions (LWH): 51.5 x 41.5 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
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