BeSafe iZi Turn M iSize Car Seat - Anthracite Mesh

The BeSafe iZi Turn M is an i-Size car seat equipped with a fully integrated digital safety system, which taking your child safety in the next level. Its special Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ technology will send notifications to your phone about unbuckled safety belts or when you accidently left your child in the car.

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The iZi Turn M i-Size ensuring maximum safety in both - rear facing and forward facing positions from accordingly 61 and 88 cm to maximum 105 cm of your child's height, which is approx. from 6 months to 4 years old.

The innovative Dynamic Force Absorber™ placed in the headrest of the seat optimally absorbs forces to protect your child's head. Supplementary SIP with a customized shape stands an additional barrier to side impacts. All these features make Besafe iZi Turn M i-Size oone of the most safe rotating seats available on the market.

Except about top safety level the iZi Turn M i-Size has incredibly functional and user friendly design for your everyday travels. With the convenient and easy to operate side-to-side rotation feature and Magnetic Belt Assistants™, you receive excellent front access when getting your child in and out of the car. The seat naturally provides the highest comfort for your beloved one thanks to soft quality materials including individually adjustable Two-Fit Cushions and great ventilation in the back area. The seat has been equipped with a 6-step movable headrest to grow with the child and 4 recline positions, which can be fixed even after installation.

The installation is another bullet point on the long list of benefits of the Besafe iZi Turn i-Size. The Besafe engineers created a Universal-Level-Technology™ which guarantees the optimal sitting angle of 20 degrees in any car. This is a perfect solution when your car has sloping vehicle seats in the back, which may cause tipping the child's head forward in a rear-facing position. The seat provides sure and steady attachment by Isofix connectors and support leg, which also distributes the forces to the car floor. Optical & audio indicators will give you invaluable feedback, which will let you make sure the seat is installed properly.

  • Suitable from approx. 6 months - 4 years | 61-105 cm | max. 18 kg
  • Convienient 360° rotating system
  • Equipped with Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ smart safety technology
  • Rear facing from 61-105 cm
  • Forward facing from 88-105 cm
  • Made of durable, high-quality materials
  • Built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell
  • Additional side impact protection (SIP+) with a customized shape
  • Protective and soft headrest with innovative Dynamic Force Absorber™
  • Passed the world's toughest crash test: the Plus Test
  • Allows children to travel 5 x safer in rear facing position
  • Convienient side-to-side rotation system
  • Three point safety harness with Magnetic Belt Assistants™
  • Four recline positions
  • Adjustable headrest - 6 steps
  • Two-Fit Cushions™ for an individual adjustment to the child
  • Ventilation system in the back ensures optimal air flow
  • Includes base with support leg
  • Universal-Level-Technology™ for the optimal sitting angle
  • Optical & audio indicators for installation feedback
  • Approved to the latest UN R129 regulation
  • Dimensions: L73 x W44 x H50-62 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Approved rear-facing: 61-105 cm/18 kg
  • Approved forward-facing: 88-105 cm/18 kg
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