BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

The BT Baby Monitor 6000 gives you peace of mind while your baby is asleep. It is packed with great features, allowing you to hear, see and talk to your baby and remotely adjust the camera to always keep sight of your little one.

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The BT 6000 video monitor will give you maximum peace of mind whilst your baby is sleeping and the 5 inch viewing screen and night vision allows you to keep your eye on them even in the darkest of rooms. The monitor offers 5 different lullabies to help your little one drift off to sleep and the BT 6000 also is complete with a temperature indicator so you can make sure your baby isn’t too hot. The crystal clear audio means you will never miss a sound but the sound level lights mean you can also turn the audio down and still be alerted to any noises.

The BT 6000 has a long range of 250m outdoors and 50m indoors and if you are out of range, the monitor has an indicator to tell you so. The low battery alert will also allow you to rest assured that your monitor is on and is working to keep you close and connected to your little one and the BT 6000 also features a remote controlled tilt feature so you can angle the camera remotely should you need to.


  • Long range of 250m outdoors and 50m indoors
  • 5 inch screen
  • Temperature indication
  • 5 lullabies
  • Sound level lights
  • Remote pan and tilt mechanism
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